The roots of the band go back to 1999 when Martin booked a band to play at the evening do for his wedding. A short while later, the band decided to call it a day and they reformed some months later with new musicians including Martin on drums.

When that band split up a year later, Martin sought out some different musicians to form a new band.

After two rocky years, that band self destructed and Martin formed The Right Perspective in 2004.

TRP played and recorded successfully between 2004 and 2010 and then after some of the musicians went on to other things, Martin took the band in a new direction with a new line up in early 2011.

Sadly, TRP played its last gig in 2012 although Martin has plans to reform TRP sometime in the future.

Martin would like to thank all the people who booked the band over the years and the musicians who have played in his band:

from 2004 - 2010:
Bridget, Carol, Ali, Steve, Nigel and Phil.

From 2011 - 2012:
Sophie, John, Sarah, Jess, Chris, Gavin, Joe, Tony, Katie, Jez, Ben, Ryan & Jake


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